by Currents



released October 1, 2010



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Currents Ottawa, Ontario


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Track Name: Eastern Mass
Like eastern mass
I kiss your feet
and swell my eyes
when you tear at my strings
I'm a soldier without green
no pacifist, just weak
heavy minded soul
made fat by your command
need some fate
to catch some fire
need some flame
to start another
Track Name: Good Morning
we’re a handful of lungs
a waste of air
our thinkers were wrong
there’s nothing to the steps we take
so let’s get dumb we’re creative and bored
entertaining too much time
we’re not innovative or alive
good morning
nothing’s sentimental but ideas
our memory is a tool
to hunt and eat and continue
built to consume
curse the thought of something more
good morning
melt away day to day
no pattern to this sky
no answer to this black
that stares us in the face
Track Name: I weigh as you do
on these nights of fire I withhold water
on these nights of fire you will pray for rain
between walls under wood and brick
trapped by rain and wind
you and I talk about the weather
I’m at the mercy of my world
your hands grasp the axe
to the trunk of this family tree
a spoon that will not feed
I weigh as you do
borrowed mass and blood
a weak extension
cartel of the soul
I need a clause for this social contract
my fate is your freewill
you and I we’re kind of the same
craving to be different
indifferent to our lives